About Us

BLACKMOUNTAIN BODYWORKS  is a unique business that is much needed by the community of Black Mountain. Currently there is not anything like it in town to meet your needs.
  • Integrative Bodywork in a calming spa atmosphere.
  • High Quality skincare
  • Healthful tonics and teas
  • Quirky, trendy and interesting health education classes and seminars
  • Mobile Business - set up at remote locations including private homes, businesses and festivals.
  • Interesting and quality spa products and gifts made by local artisans.
  • High level of therapeutic service quality and unpretentious yet knowledgeable staff.
  • A fun venue for birthdays, showers and get-togethers.
We bring massage therapy to a new level in regards to health benefits. In addition to offering traditional stress-relieving massages, we also cater to active individuals with minor aches and other issues that might prevent them or hinder their performance in recreational activities. Specially trained and certified massage therapists can help them regain and maintain the health of their bodies.

Our bodywork and skincare therapists offer a healthful and creative option for the specific health benefits of customers. The key here is SPECIFIC benefits, not generic. Each client deserves an individualized review or health survey to determine some simple choices that can alleviate their pain or discomfort whether it be stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, pain, lack of energy, etc.

We provide a totally new experience for those unaccustomed to self-care!

We accept all major credit cards!

Black Mountain Body Works
601 W. State Street, #3
Black Mountain, NC 28711
TEL: 828-664-0109